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Jeff McCann - Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

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Produced by Jeff McCann & Miles Jackson

Recorded at: Woodland Studios
                     Peace River, AB

All songs by written by Jeff McCann
Vocals, guitars & MIDI instrumentation: Jeff

CD & Cover photo: Marie Leduc
Back photo: Jason Glabik

Calligraphy & Cover design: Jeff

Mixed & Mastered: Ma-Me-O Music
                              Ma-Me-O Beach, AB

This project would not have been possible without the continued inspiration & support of Suzanne McCann, my colleague/mentor/editor/life-partner/closest friend and mother of our 4 sons. Also, I am eternally grateful to our sons: Luke, Joel, Noah & Jacob for all their help sorting out my internet & computer questions & problems.



Vinnie Gorham: drum tracks

Ron Good: harmonica
                       "A Better Picture"

Miles Jackson: keyboards:
                       "Don'tcha Go and Do"
                       "Keep Your Head"

                       "Same Old Sun"
                       "Prayer of a Warrior"

Keith Campbell-Hope: drum tracks
                       "Prayer of a Warrior"

John Tate: drum tracks
                        "3 Windows"
                        "Like a Chain"

Al Bull: drum tracks
                        "Keep Your Head"

Shirleen DeHaan: back-up vocals
                        "Don'tcha Go and Do"

Diane Strid: back-up vocals
                        Like a Chain"

Many thanks to: Scott Fooks, Jim McAuly, Randy McCann, Ken Kolynchuk, Marten Dekker, Todd Chipman, Kurt DeHaan, Wayne Logan, Rob Bartlett, Janet Blayone, Robin and Terry (and the great staff @ "Sharks", Peace River), the staff of The Town of Grimshaw. Dave King & Josh Hall @ Long & McQuade (North Vancouver), Bernadette Wearden @ Commonwealth Credit Union (Grimshaw), Custom Computers & Music (Peace River) and all those players  who have taught me a chord or a riff over the years (with my deepest apologies to anyone I've overlooked).

My deepest appreciation to these life teachers: Ellafern, Master Paul Ying Po Mak, my Parents: Freda & Gordon McCann.

Full Song  (11.5 mb) - High Bitrate mp3
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Like A Chain (lyrics - pdf)
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In support of:

Please visit the White Ribbon Campaign website.

The White Ribbon Campaign
Men Working to end Men's Violence Against Women

low bitrate 30 second mp3 samples:

Sometimes you see what’s going on and you think, “This is wrong and if somebody doesn’t do something about it, nothing will ever change!” Thankfully, some people have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Inspired by the 1971 Ram Dass book: Be Here Now, this song is about living in the present moment

I grew up with melodies and rhythms always laying in my head. They called me a fidget. Who knows...maybe it was Tourette’s Syndrome, but once I learned to play guitar the melodies & rhythms in my head just got better!

How can this be? ...one day you wake up and you feel like you can do anything. The next day you’re in a dungeon of despair! A friend of mine sums it up by saying “It ain’t easy being folks!”

Change is a good...but it’s nice to know that some things in life stay the same.

Sooner or later we must face our fears, confront our demons before they swallow us. Dedicated to anyone who has overcome adversity, battled with addiction, or beaten the odds.

After being self employed for 17 years, I decided to accept a job offer from one of Canada’s largest banks. When I was laid off after 2 ½ years I felt cheated and used. The day I let go of my anger & frustration, these whimsical phrases emerged!

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 women in Canada have at one time, experienced criminal violence at the hand of their spouse. When a family friend’s life ended tragically, I wrote down a few short lines which became the first verse of this song.

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